Site name | Automation of destacking to major Danish customers.


Automation of destacking to major Danish customers

KILDE Automation has supplied two automation cells, which aim to organize different products from chaos to production trays, where the items are fixed and thus easier to handle in production in subsequent processes.

Formerly, the repackaging from chaos to production was manually handled, which was very monotonous and expensive. Due to these issues, the customer contacted KILDE Automation to resolve the task.

Solution is two robotic cells were built into a cell where camera finds items that are subsequently placed in the production tray for fixation. Via the other robot cell, items are moved from pallet to automatic deburring of 4 items, after which they are placed in production trays.

The purpose of the robot cells is to free operators from monotonous tasks and to minimize the number of operators. For a 24/7 drive, the customer will have a return of investment period of 3 years.