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handling solutions for thermoforming industry

At Kilde we strive to deliver the best end-of-line handling & packing solutions for the thermoforming industry.

With our automation machines we free employees from stressful tasks, such as heavy lifting and repetitive actions.. Our customers experience bigger profit with a much higher utilization of their production line, fewer operators, less waste and increased efficiency.

Our innovative sealing, packing & palletizing machines performs the largest numbers of operations, while maintaining a large product variety and an incredibly small footprint.





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The FLEX packing table transfers the stacked products from the out conveyor of the thermoforming machine and down to packaging level, which eliminates the need of a packing platform.

The height of the packing conveyor can be adjusted to fit the height of the operator, in order to secure ergonomically correct working conditions.

  • Infeed buffer
  • Handling & Bring-down
  • Buffer for packing

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The FLEXsleever stacks thermoformed parts to stacks of a predefined height, seals them in foil bags (Sleeving) and delivers them on a conveyor belt ready for packing.

  • Intermediate buffer conveyor belt
  • Transverse pusher for parts removal
  • Printer
  • Format set

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The FLEX Pad Inserter is an in-line solution for thermoforming machines with a stand-alone unwinding station. The pads are automatically cut in the desired length and placed in the products before stacking.

  • Unrolling
  • Cutting
  • Placement & fixing

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The OCTOPUS is our fully automated machine, for stacking thermoformed parts to stacks of a predefined length. After being stacked, the parts are sealed in foil bags (Sleeved). The OCTOPUS erects cardboard boxes and packs the sleeved units into the boxes. 

  • Handling & stacking
  • Sleeving
  • Box erecting
  • Packing & palletising

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The KILDEMOVER is an AIV(Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle), which fully automatic handles and transports goods and materials. The basis unit is an ADEPT LYNX from the company Omron, the world’s smartest and intelligent AIV. 

  • Automat existing manual processes 
  • Sense people and unaticipated obstructions
  • Easy deployed, no facilities modifications requiered
  • Easy reconfigures facility or machine layouts

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Central palletization automates the transport of products to automated palletizing systems. The palletization system is located, for example. Close to warehouse or shipping department where the finished pallets can be easily or efficiently stored or shipped. This minimizes the transport of products, fewer employees, and creates greater efficiency.

  • Use of AIV and/or conveyor solutions
  • Automated box errecting
  • Robot solution for palletizning
  • Automated pallet wrapping
  • Buffer system for box and pallets

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