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At KILDE we have more than 40 years of experience and we pride ourselves on a strong position as a leading automation supplier for the thermoforming industry. Our team of specialists is dedicated to thermoforming automation. Working closely with each business we create a solution that optimises specific processes. We use our experience to create solutions ensuring the future production of our customers.

Flexible automation for thermoformed trays and lids

KILDE supplies solutions that automate all processes after thermoforming of the parts. Our customized solutions are developed in close dialogue with our customers and are based on special modules developed specifically for the thermoforming industry. We also offer a range of other standard machines, for example a machine for insertion of absorption pads.

Large product program for optimisation of your packaging process

Based on our modular product program we offer unique solutions for optimisation of packaging processes. We look for the optimum solution depending on the specific products and needs. We continuously develop our program in order to ensure the best solutions. All solutions are based on standardized software and proven technology.

Higher profit with automation

Automation is connected to optimisation of the production. Automated production lines have higher output, less discarding of items and yield a higher profit. Optimisation is a process, and so is the introduction of automation. We work together with our customers on a long-term basis and want the individual investments to fit into the long-term optimisation of the production but also to result in immediate cost reductions in the short term.

Dedicated employees

We have an ambitious goal – all solutions must work 24/7. Our team of dedicated employees have specialized knowledge of automation within the thermoforming industry. This knowledge is always updated and at our customers’ disposal. We are the competent business partner who takes you into the future with expert advice on new technology specifically for your business.





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