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The OCTOPUS is our fully automated machine, for stacking thermoformed parts to stacks of a predefined length. After being stacked, the parts are sealed in foil bags (Sleeved). The OCTOPUS erects cardboard boxes and packs the sleeved units into the boxes. 

From here, the boxes are palletised and ready for shipping!

Process overview

  • Handling & stacking
  • sleeving
  • box erecting
  • packing
  • palletising

Datasheet & options

Want to know more about the OCTOPUS? Download our brochure from the link box and read more about the data and options for our new OCTOPUS. 




Contact person
Sten Hangaard



OCTOPUS I is the smallest basic configuration of the OCTOPUS program. Even in the smallest execution it is possible to configure the robot cell to full functionality.

All functions are performed by only one robot. Therefore the capacity is limited compared to that of OCTOPUS I HS and OCTOPUS II. 

We live in a dynamic world and sometimes the conditions, which existed at the time the machine was bought, change. Options which are deselected when buying an OCTOPUS I can later be integrated without significant extra costs.

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OCTOPUS I HS is, besides the robot, equipped with a unit, which picks the parts from the buffer conveyor, makes the double stacking and feeds the parts to the sleeving unit.

Thus robot capacity is freed meaning that OCTOPUS I HS is much faster than OCTOPUS I

Furthermore OCTOPUS I HS has the advantage compared to OCTOPUS I that there is only one simple tool, which is placed on the infeed side. Thus the costs in connection with introduction of new products are reduced.

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OCTOPUS II is equipped with two robots carrying out all handling tasks. OCTOPUS II is the product of the OCTOPUS family, which offers the highest degree of flexibility and the highest number of functions.

In addition to the functions, which are offered by OCTOPUS I HS, OCTOPUS II is able to rotate the parts in the stacking tower. This function is used for turning the products according to the specified packaging pattern.

By rotating the parts it is possible to work with packaging patterns in cartons and gitterboxes where some of the stacks are turned in order to optimise use of space.

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