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The OCTOPUS is our fully automated machine, for stacking thermoformed parts to stacks of a predefined length. After being stacked, the parts are sealed in foil bags (Sleeved). The OCTOPUS erects cardboard boxes and packs the sleeved units into the boxes. 

From here, the boxes are palletised and ready for shipping!


Process overview

  • Handling & stacking
  • sleeving
  • box erecting
  • packing
  • palletising

Datasheet & options

Want to know more about the OCTOPUS? Download our brochure from the link box and read more about the data and options for our new OCTOPUS. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE 


 Large product variety

The OCTOPUS can handle one of the largest product varieties in the industry.


High number of operations

The OCTOPUS can handle one of the highest number of operations compared with the footprint of the machine. 


Small foot print

The OCTOPUS has the smallest foot print compared to how many oprations the machine can perform. 




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