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Case: Tablet handling

Applicator tubes are fed to the magazine of the machine. The magazine can be fed from two sides, which are chosen on the operator panel. After automatic change of magazine the applicator tubes are fed to a funnel and then to a cell wheel.


The plungers are positioned in the circular feeders and are then moved to their respective cell wheels by a linear vibrator.

The plungers are fed from the two cell wheels to an intermediary wheel and from there on to a conical gear wheel.


After the conical gear wheel has performed a 180° movement the plunger is positioned horizontally.

The horizontally positioned plunger is transferred to a transport wheel and from there on to the insertion unit.


The plungers are inserted into the applicator tubes in the insertion unit. This takes place through shafts feeding the applicator tube into a guiding tube. From there the plunger is inserted into the applicator tube.

The assembled applicator is moved on to a conveyor by a wheel. The applicator is moved through an aligning unit so that it is ready for the mounting of the tablet. It is checked by vision wether the applicator has been correctly assembled.


The tablets are fed to the tablet silo, which automatically doses the tablets to the circular feeder and from there on to a linear vibrator.

After having passed the linear vibrator the thickness of the tablet is checked. The tablets are moved on to a sorting wheel where the tablet is checked by vision.

Approved tablets are moved out of the sorting wheel and on to another linear vibrator from where they are fed to the tablet wheel. If the tablet has been approved it is inserted into the applicator.


The finished and approved applicators are picked by a gripper unit and are put into a box.

The applicator are counted to ensure that there is always the same quantity in a box.

When a box has been filled, the boxes are automatically changed. The filled box is moved out onto a conveyor and is removed.