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FLEXsleever is our newest member of the KILDE family. More than 40 years of experience with production automation went in to the design and development of this new solution for the thermoforming industry.

The FLEXsleever stacks thermoformed parts to stacks of a predefined height, seals them in foil bags (Sleeving) and delivers them on a conveyor belt ready for packing.

The FLEXsleever can be integrated seamlessly into your existing production line, where the infeed of the FLEXsleever receives the thermoformed units ready for handling and stacking. From here the units are sealed in foil bags (Sleeved) and ready for packaging. 

The FLEXsleever can handle between 597 and 1578 stacks per hour, depending on your production capacity and needs.

Datasheet - Max sleeved stacks/hour

  • 1 stack per bag = 597 stacks/hour
  • 2 stacks per bag = 1019 stacks/hour
  • 4 stacks per bag = 1578 stacks/hour
  • Intermediate buffer conveyor belt
  • Transverse pusher for automatic removal of test parts
  • Printer
  • Format set; For every new product, for unsleeved operation and for removal of excess foil



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Sten Hangaard