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FLEX pad inserter

Due to the fact that the PAD INSERTER unit and the dispenser unit can be placed virtually anywhere, the solution is very flexible. The PAD INSERTER unit can be built in-line with the thermoforming machine or placed in an outside line. The dispenser unit can be placed close to the absorber padding unit - even on another floor.

The PAD INSERTER as standard, offers 4 rows of absorber pads. They are cut into the required length and are placed on the conveyor.

A Scara robot with a suction head picks up the pads and places them in the trays. Different suction heads cover different trays. As an option the suction head can rotate 90° if required. The cycle is 30 pick-ups per minute.

The PAD INSERTER unit can be fitted with glue applicator heads. The glue is sprayed on the trays just before the absorber pads are placed.

If the absorber pads are welded into the trays, the unit can be fitted with an ultrasonic welder. The pads are placed and welded to the tray by the suction head in one operation.

Process overview

  • Unrolling
  • Cutting
  • Placement & fixing

Datasheet & options

The dispenser unit handles as standard 4 x Ø1200mm rolls with a width of 75 – 150 mm.

When the rolls are empty a loading system replaces the empty rolls. You can reload the system with new rolls during normal operation.

The new absorber rolls are welded together with the ends of the remaining absorber lengths. A buffer system ensures that the PAD INSERTER unit runs continuously during refill.

Download our brochure and read our complete datasheet and options for the FLEX Pad Inserter. 



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